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Student Family Non-Adopters

BARRIER Cost, Relevance

STRATEGY Public Schools should develop a Strategic Plan for Enabling Parents Through Technology.
This strategy is an encompassing strategy with many different components. It may be appropriate to break this strategy into smaller strategies for the purpose of execution, monitoring and management. Overall, this strategy will focus on getting a computer and an Internet connection into the homes of students and engage parents in the education process. This strategy should include the following key aspects.
  • Establish a leadership team. Schools should establish a leadership team with representation from schools and parents to participate in the development of a strategic plan.
  • Put technology in their hands…and homes. Encourage local providers to participate and partner to develop a program similar to the federal Connect2Compete Program for K-12 students and families which provides affordable Internet and devices to students and families that qualify. Programs could be modeled after the C2C program in terms of qualifications and requirements.
  • Establish relevance with a learning management system. One of the primary tools for electronically engaging the parent in their student’s education is a parent portal or learning management system such as Blackboard. With this type of portal, teachers can develop and publish: lesson plans, tasks lists for students or parents, grades, and many other features. Parents can utilize this environment to track and keep up with their child’s performance on a day to day basis.
  • Establish relevance with other electronic tools. The more ways parents have to interact with the school and their student, the more likely they will be involved with their child’s education. Services such as will allow parents to log on and manage their child’s lunch account setting up recurring payments as needed.
  • Parent engagement and education. A program should be developed for parents to receive training on basic digital literacy, online safety, and communicating with the school utilizing some of the tools which have been previously mentioned.
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