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Resources: Broadband

Since broadband is a very complicated and complex topic there are many resources available, both at the state and national level, to assist in expanding broadband access and improving utilization. The OTPBA makes every effort to stay up to date with the latest resources and compile them in one centralized location.

Strategic Broadband Roadmap
Strategic Broadband Path Infographic
Strategic Broadband Roadmap White Paper
Broadband Planning and Analysis Toolbox 
Downloadable Resources

2016 RUOnlineVA Report

Improving Broadband Access and Utilization in Virginia White Paper

Stakeholder Demand Template

  • Regions and localities can use this template to help aggregate demand from local stakeholders.

Improving Broadband Adoption White Paper

Funding Options

Broadband Technologies.pdf

Broadband Speed Infographic.pdf

Policy Considerations for Broadband Deployment

Broadband Policy-Assessment-Tool

Broadband Policy Assessment Tool Guide

Broadband Awareness and Adoption Handout

The All Internet Household

Broadband Glossary

Mobile vs Fixed Wireless