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STRATEGY When residents apply for a building permit for a new home, encourage providers to participate by offering them a special rate for monthly broadband access.

  • This will provide an opportunity to interface with citizens who many not have broadband access.
  • The special pricing would only be available if they take advantage of the offer when they acquire their building permit.
  • Offering a special for broadband access to reduce the overall monthly cost may help low income families.
STRATEGY Develop a digital literacy program where attendees register for a one day class which educates them on the benefits of being online as well as focuses on basic digital literacy skills.
  • The Broadband Specialist would work with Department of Social Services to establish eligibility criteria and a selection process to select eligible participants for the program.
  • The Broadband Specialist would develop a program to educate participants on the benefits of being online as well as giving them basic skills for navigating the Internet.
  • Low-cost computers such as Chromebooks or other low-cost refurbished computers could be provided as part of the package for as low as $150.
  • Include marketing any local computer equipment refurbish programs to expand awareness of this option – both for those that want to donate and those that need a lower cost solution
    o Help promote Cox’s Connect to Compete or Comcast’s Internet Essentials programs if these providers are in your area.